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With the European Green Deal announced by the European Union (EU) Commission in December 2019, the EU plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 50 percent until 2030 and to reach the zero carbon emission target by 2050. According to this agreement, economic growth will not be by exploiting the world's resources and polluting the environment as it has been until now. Global warming and environmental changes lead to permanent degradation of human and natural habitats. In addition to sea levels, melting glaciers, warming of the oceans and acidification, extreme weather events are increasing day by day. In response to these great risks, we prepare our products in a way and conditions that do not harm the nature, and we contribute to nature with nature-friendly products.




Our skin is our armor that protects us against nature and our skin gives the first fight against nature. Rough, dry, dull, irritated and old-looking skin is the most important negative factor in our quality of life. Skin care should also be started from the age of 11, when puberty begins. This period is also the beginning period of acne due to the hormonal changes experienced, and with the right products and regular skin care, this period can be overcome without any problems, and all skin care should be continued in the next period without neglecting it. JOPHIELLE conducts continuous R&D studies in order to minimize the damage caused by nature to the skin and constantly develops its formulas to minimize the damage caused by nature to the skin.
Natural compositions form the basis of the products, and formulations that will not cause side effects are used during care.