About us

Dr. Şeyda Atabay Health and Cosmetic Products Inc. was founded in 2018 in Izmir. Our company's products have been developed in our R&D laboratories by expert Chemical Engineers and Chemists under the leadership of Op. Dr. Şeyda Atabay. Jophielle Angel’s Light is an innovative Dermo-Cosmetic brand. In order to meet the needs and desires of individuals, it has a team that is knowledgeable in their field, dedicated to their work, and passionate about what they do.

Our Values

» We respect the environment, nature, and humanity.

» We are aware of our responsibilities.

» With our inquisitive spirit, we produce innovative and scientifically based products.

» We strive for sustainable quality.

» We offer high efficacy and clean content products to the dermo-cosmetic industry.

Our mission

With an environmentally friendly production approach, our mission is to create high-quality products that exceed customer expectations by offering value beyond, and to develop a dermo-cosmetic understanding that is natural, healthy, reliable, and effective. Ensuring one hundred percent customer satisfaction, our goal is to continuously grow towards the same objective as our domestic and international suppliers and to sustain this growth.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in the industry that creates conscious consumer awareness by making skincare routines an integral part of overall health routines, enables the continuous development of its employees, internalizes the philosophy of innovation, and collaborates with stakeholders to create sustainable value.